Minority & Subcontractor Involvement

Local & Small Business

The Harper team is always ready to deliver the next project, and each project is an investment into the lives of the citizens of each community. Our firm utilizes many methods to promote business opportunities among all qualified vendors. We ensure that local subcontractors and minorities who are not registered with the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Businesses are notified of the project and the contract opportunities that are available. We keep a thorough data base of most all Subcontractors and Material Vendors from Central and South Georgia. Lastly, we place all bid opportunities on our web site.

Not only will we help generate tax dollars, but we will keep the tax dollars utilized on projects locally, in order to stimulate local economies. We employee your citizens, we hire your local subcontractors, and we purchase material from your local vendors on a daily basis. We provide opportunities for local subcontractors, suppliers and minorities to be involved in the construction of every project. 

Women & Minority Owned Business

The policy of Harper & Company Builders, Inc. is that Equal Employment Opportunity shall be afforded to all qualified persons, with no regard to creed, race, national origin, sex, or color. This applies to hiring, promotion, transfer or termination of our employees, Subcontractors, and Vendors, and it is our intention to cooperate with Executive Order 11246, Equal Employment Opportunity. 

Our company has a proven track record of contracting with local, minority, and women owned businesses. We have, and will, break the work packages into smaller pieces to offer opportunity to local, minority, and women owned businesses. This can achieve two objectives: increased local participation and MBE/WBE participation. Our goal is to tailor the work packages to best offer opportunity to the identified local subcontractors with an eye to maximizing the MBE/WBE participation.

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