Our Leadership Team

Jerry P. Harper

CEO & Project Executive

Jerry Harper, a Southern Polytechnic State Civil Engineering graduate, had an early fascination with the way in which highly functional man-made structures were constructed. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, he retains vast knowledge coupled with a career-long devotion to quality for every project, from start to finish. After founding Harper & Company Builders, Inc. in 1985, Mr. Harper has successfully completed hundreds of projects, accumulated a network of valuable relationships, and guaranteed a solid reputation for quality work. As Project Executive, he serves as the chief collaborator.

Jeffrey P. Harper

President & Senior Project Manager

Jeffrey Harper joined Harper & Company Builders, Inc. in 1992, after the completion of a Bachelors in Construction Management from Southern Polytechnic State University. As a Pre-construction Manager/Senior Project Manager, Jeffrey provides inspiring leadership to the Project Team. With over 27 years in the industry, and a master of details, he ensures that all projects are well vetted in the design phase. the schedule is upheld during the construction phase, and completed within budget while maintaining top quality. Jeffrey is particularly passionate about giving back to local communities and their businesses.

Brian James

Project Manager & Cost Estimator

With 32 years of experience in the industry, 25 of those in cost estimating, Brian James is a valuable asset to Harper & Company Builders, Inc. Brian possesses a Bachelors Degree in Building Construction from Georgia Southern University, in addition to extensive real world knowledge regarding construction management. As project manager, he is heavily involved in budgets and cost estimating during both pre-construction and construction phases. Brian emphasizes teamwork and communication enabling him to thrive in intricate projects. He goes above and beyond to be active and available to the Owner, Design Team, and Project Team.

Shannon Parker

Office Manager

Shannon Parker steers the Harper and Company Builders, Inc. Home Office with the perfect balance of precision and practicality. With a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting, Shannon has the know-how and dedication it takes to monitor and manage accounts payable, personnel payroll, and accounts receivable departments. She oversees financial functions to ensure the firm stays within requirements of all reporting guidelines and procedures. Shannon efficiently performs bookkeeping operations, while also managing daily processes within the home office.

Anna H. Lewis

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Anna Lewis bolsters the firm’s collaborative team environment with a distinctive combination of education, experience, and resourcefulness. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2015, Anna obtained both a Masters in Management and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance. It is within her role to develop and design improved administrative procedures, prepare and integrate information, and collaborate with management on bid package preparation. She uses her creative strong suit for social media outreach, website development, and community involvement.

Josh Ethridge

Project Manager

Josh Ethridge joined Harper & Company Builders, Inc. in 2018 to further his career in Project Management. As a Georgia Southern Eagle, with a Bachelors in Construction Management, he demands precision and has a keen eye for detail. Josh exhausts company resources to find the best prices for both material and labor. He is diligent in his support role to the Owner and actively visits job sites, reviews drawings and installations, and provides necessary information to keep the job rolling. Harper and Company Builders, Inc. greatly benefits from Josh’s commitment to quality results and efficiency.

Cecil Newell

Senior Superintendent

36 years of experience in the construction industry allows Cecil Newell to avoid any unnecessary surprises on a job. Cecil has all of the necessary technical capability and leadership qualities that is required to develop a plan of action and then coordinate this plan with job site personnel and subcontractors. Throughout his 17 years as a Superintendent at Harper and Company Builders, Inc., he has given quality advice in the pre-construction phase on the best methods and materials to utilize for any given project. Cecil uses his strong teamwork mentality to keep up worker moral to deliver the best product possible.

Morgan C. Lewis

Project Superintendent

Having grown up in a family construction business, Morgan Lewis began acquiring the necessary skills to successfully lead job sites at an early age. After graduation from Valdosta State University with a Bachelors in Business Management in 2012, Morgan began a supervisory role in Jacksonville, Fl, producing quality projects and establishing lasting connections, while also furthering industry certifications and education. In 2019, he brought over 13 years of construction experience with him to Harper and Company Builders, Inc. Morgan is especially devoted to client, Project Team, and subcontractor relations.

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