“Nothing gives us greater pleasure than driving through a town and seeing a facility that we constructed, recalling the friendships made, and remembering how proud the community was of their new facility. “

Jeffrey P. Harper, President

Quality Assurance

At Harper & Company Builders, Inc. we believe in getting it right the first time. We develop customized project specific quality assurance plans for each and every project to ensure our standards of quality are communicated and met throughout the process. Field operations are monitored on a daily basis by the Project Superintendents with inspections of material deliveries and daily oversight of all trades. The Project Managers manage projects to ensure timely material deliveries, control the schedule, and manage the budget. We work closely with independent third party materials testing firms on all projects to verify and document the quality of each building component to ensure the highest standard of quality. Our Superintendents are required to review the plan with each subcontractor on the job and confirm they understand and are willing to comply with it’s requirements. 

The Harper & Company Builders, Inc. Quality Assurance Plan contains 4 aspects to ensure utmost quality. It includes continuous and rigorous inspections, specific and thorough quality control procedure, established tolerances and clearances, as well as the Owner’s right to observe and request for subcontractors to correct or replace as necessary.

Cost Control Methodology

Our team closely monitors operating costs both in the office and on the site. Our dedication to the client’s bottom line has gained our firm a strong reputation for the ability to provide the highest quality service at substantially lower costs than our competition. From the day we come on board until the day we hand you the keys–our number one goal will be delivering your project on time and on budget. Harper/Lewis will use a combination of sophisticated tools and an experienced staff to bring the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy to our accounting procedures. Cost accounting for your project will begin at the field level and incorporate our accounting department as well as involvement from senior management on a daily basis. Construction cost reductions and design alternatives will continue to be evaluated in a detailed analysis of each project phase. The project management team makes continuous project reviews during the Pre-construction and Construction phases of a project.

Construction done right. The first time.